Archpriest Boris Ustimenko’s sermon on November 8th, 2020

Today the Church honors the day of memory of Demetrius of Thessaloniki. His holy relics rest in the Basilica of St. Demetrius in Thessaloniki. Hundreds of Orthodox pilgrims flock to this place, pray and receive various healings. Demetrius, having received his father’s inheritance, became governor and led a pious Christian life, preaching Christ in his city, and developing an extraordinary envy of all persecutors of Christ. As a result, he suffered great agony.

All people on earth suffer in one way or another. There are different types of suffering. Basically, people suffer from misunderstandings from their so-called friends and fellow human beings. Do you remember how Christ called us to love him more than our fellow men? And whoever does not obey this commandment ends up in a situation where he replaces Christ with truth. And the person begins to preach the empty dead truth in his family. On the one hand, this seems to be true. After all, another commandment says: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice.” But the point is that the truth is Christ and not a law written by man, regardless of whether it is just or unjust, such as Terrorism. However, if you take a closer look, you will see that everyone in the family and those around them is a terrorist. Because how many family disputes happen every day, how many family conflicts occur with a fatal outcome. This is the result of people searching for the truth on earth. The reason is that man is an egoist from childhood. But the more he has of his own, the further he is from Christ our God. So sometimes one can find more understanding in court under the law than between a husband and a wife, between brothers, father, son, mother and daughter. But why? Because people don’t follow Christ. The same goes for believers. For example, Mexico, a country with a very large number of believers, comes first in terms of the number of murders in everyday life. 20,000 people are killed there every year, like in a war. And why? Because there are only external attributes, churches and crosses in every home and office. But Christ is not there and never was. And people think that He is there.

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