We are the Russian Orthodox community “ Parish Of All Saints” in Magdeburg, Germany. It gathers the Orthodox Christians not only from Magdeburg but also from the surrounding areas. Our community numbers have already reached far beyond 3,000 members who baptized their children here. Our community is headed by Archpriest Boris Ustimenko.

Archpriest Boris Ustimenko

Archpriest Boris Ustimenko, the Dean of the North German district of the diocese of Berlin and Germany, Patriarchate of Moscow, the Russian Orthodox Church.

He was born in Stavropol on 5th August, 1963. The son of a priest. The traditions of the priesthood have been preserved in his family for almost two hundred years.

From 1982 to 1984  – military duty.

From 1985 to 1992 he studied full-time at the Theological Seminary and the Academy. Since February 1986, he worked as a speaker in the branch of the Department of external Church relations in St. Petersburg for Ivan Sudosa.

Archpriest Boris speaks foreign languages. During many years he participated in inter-church conferences in different countries of the world.

Since 1992, he served as a rector of the Holy Cross Cathedral in Kislovodsk city. He is one of the founders of the Kislovodsk classical academic highschool which is currently one of the best comprehensive children’s schools in Russia.

He taught Patrology (works of the designated Holy Fathers and Teachers of the Church) at the Stavropol Theological Seminary.

Since 1995 he was the Chairman of the Orthodox youth movement of the North Caucasus and served as a representative of the peacekeeping mission of the Stavropol diocese in Chechnya.

Archpriest Boris was engaged in the acquisition of real estate and land in favor of the Russian Orthodox Church. He founded the community and the Orthodox center of the “Protection of the Holy Virgin” in Zheleznovodsk city.

 The Stavropol diocese became the owner of a large historical building a pre-revolutionary sanatorium in the city center.

For more than 20 years he has been engaged in missionary work in Germany with the blessing of his teacher, Archbishop THEOPHAN. Founder of the North German rural deanery.

Since 1998, he was rector of the Patriarchal Church in Gifhorn.

Archpriest Boris has founded or was participated in the formation of new communities in the following cities in Northern Germany: Hamburg, Bremen, Goettingen, Hanover, Kiel, Magdeburg, Halberstadt, Stendal.

From 2001- to 2004 he was engaged in the search and purchase of churches in the cities of Hamburg and Kiel.

Currently, he is the rector of the community “Of all Saints” in Magdeburg, Halberstadt and Stendal.

Archpriest Boris has different Church awards.